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Welcome to The Identity Shift Project (a.k.a. TISP, because it’s a mouthful when repeated more than once in a sentence).

If you are arriving at this blog post by accident without the helpful context provided by reading the Home or About page of our website, here is our mission:

We bring new perspectives to healing through collaborative art-making.

Sounds like fun, right?

We’ve been building the Project since August when my close friend, babysitting pool member, and TISP Director of Photography/Co-Founder, Julie Hassett Sutton and I decided to have an arts project together. Our husbands are okay with it; they understand that not every need can be met within the confines of marriage. Our kids are okay with it too. Although my eight-year-old daughter initially started accidentally calling it “The Infinity Shift Project.” Which I kind of like but is a much bigger-sounding project than I’m able to contemplate taking on right now.

This has been a busy week for The Identity Shift Project.

  1. We got our fiscal sponsorship with FracturedAtlas.org! We are extremely happy about this. When I told my mom she didn’t know what that was, but she was happy I was happy, which was good enough.  For those of you who have been desperately waiting to open your wallets and support our cause, this means we are able to accept tax-deductible donations for The Identity Shift Project. Check. Now all we have to do is the fundraising.
  2. We completed getting our business banking stuff established. This was a very good thing.
  3. We have a couple of photo shoots in the pipeline that we are honored to collaborate on.
  4. Our website/online gallery is nearing completion – Julie and I sat for three hours this morning at her dining room table hashing out responsive design specs (yes, this is what it means to design a website in the 21st century).
  5. I stopped procrastinating writing my first blog post here. And why did that finally happen? Did I suddenly have something better to write today than any other day? Uh, no. My secret: I’m procrastinating cleaning my desk, and (of course), bookkeeping. The only way I ever really get anything done is by procrastinating something else. To say “yes” to one thing means you’re saying “no” to something else, which is not only the essence of managing one’s commitments, but also managing one’s procrastination.

Anyway, I should probably add that the TISP Blog is where you can find updates on The Identity Shift Project, stories about our participants, maybe the occasional interview, and TISP’s take on stuff.

If you like what you read here, there are many ways to show it: you may subscribe, leave comments, and share with your networks what we are up to.  You might even feel moved to donate what you can. Your interest is highly valued and not taken for granted. If you have an idea to share or know of people who might like to participate, let us know!

Thanks for reading!


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