Exploration: Cancer Shift

The Identity Shift photo shoot is not simply about capturing a moment in time. It’s an opportunity to convey who these people are now, and who they are becoming. There’s a whole deeper level that can be accessed and revealed through photography. Participant and photographer go through the process of collaborating on the plan and execution of the photo shoot. They then edit the photos for the participant’s personal use and publication on the Identity Shift Project website.

For a detailed look at our 5-step process, see below.


  1. Preliminary Meeting with Participant – A conversation between participant and The Identity Shift Project photographer and project manager establishes the relationship and builds trust.
    Agenda includes discussion of

    • What participant thinks/feels about his/her Identity Shift
    • Goal of photo shoot – What participant wants from the shoot
    • Logistics of photo shoot
      • Determine date and location of shoot
      • What is the shoot about; what’s happening?
      • What is participant wearing; any props?
      • Who else is present to be in photo and/or for support?
  2. Photo Shoot – Photographer and project manager are present.
  3. Photo Editing – Photographer shares selects with project manager and participant; participant chooses images for personal use.
  4. Photo Release – Participant assigns full rights for usage by Identity Shift Project.
  5. Publish to Web Gallery – Series of photos from the shoot is published online.