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You know when someone sees you after they haven’t seen you recently, and they say, It’s good to see you!? I like to respond: It’s good to be seen. I’m currently in my third remission. ‘Cause apparently two just weren’t enough. This 3rd trip around the cancer block has forced an identity shift: I’ve emerged a patient advocate. My next event in that role is a public workshop I’m delivering in March for survivors, caregivers, and anyone else interested in the topic: EMPOWERED PATIENT-DOCTOR COMMUNICATION: Getting What You Need From Your Doctor 6:00-7:30 PM EST Thurs, March 10, 2016 Location: SHARE Main Office NYC You can download the flyer here. And register for the workshop here. Here’s the deal: Our… Read more »

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My favorite part of the conference brochure.

Time for the pseudo-quarterly blog post, just right for my slow summer pace. It’s been awhile. I keep thinking I’ll focus on the blog more, but I’ve been easily distracted. There’s been some identity shifting going on.   My daughter graduated 5th grade and starts middle school in September. Which means she is officially a tween. What that means for me as a mother of one of those, I cannot even fathom, but I’m sure I’ll find out… repeatedly. So far it’s been kind of fascinating. I suspect I’ll have more to say about this identity shift soon, but right now I just need to keep observing it. My cancer came back, again. It’s very clingy and needs a lot… Read more »

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We publicly launched The Identity Shift Project on Friday evening March 22, 2013 at Gilda’s Club NYC, the cancer support community. Given that we held the event on a Friday night, right before the spring break holiday, and Gilda’s Club stayed open just for our event (they close early on Fridays but they were awesome to accommodate us), we had fairly low expectations. Turns out we had a whopping 73% turnout when we expected less than 50% of registered attendees to show up. At our event, there there was great storytelling and conversation – which is one of the reasons we’re doing this to begin with!