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You know when someone sees you after they haven’t seen you recently, and they say, It’s good to see you!? I like to respond: It’s good to be seen. I’m currently in my third remission. ‘Cause apparently two just weren’t enough. This 3rd trip around the cancer block has forced an identity shift: I’ve emerged a patient advocate. My next event in that role is a public workshop I’m delivering in March for survivors, caregivers, and anyone else interested in the topic: EMPOWERED PATIENT-DOCTOR COMMUNICATION: Getting What You Need From Your Doctor 6:00-7:30 PM EST Thurs, March 10, 2016 Location: SHARE Main Office NYC You can download the flyer here. And register for the workshop here. Here’s the deal: Our… Read more »

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CC speech01_tn

I’m a four-year cancer survivor. Not only that, I’m currently, as I speak, survivING cancer. Yep: I’m back on chemo. I’m playing whack-a-mole with cancer – or maybe cancer thinks it’s playing whack-a-mole with me. But I keep coming back. Let me tell you who I REALLY am. I’m a native New Yorker. I’ve been with my husband for 25 years. We have a 10-year-old daughter starting middle school in September. I’m a former budget backpacker who’s trekked in Nepal. I’m a business consultant specializing in start-up companies. I co-founded a nonprofit arts project online. I’m a writer and artist. Please note that none of this was in my medical file until very recently. Just a little bit of it… Read more »

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nature morte small

Nature Morte, our most recently added photo gallery, is a departure from the portrait series we’ve been doing to date. It is our series of medical objects and devices re-imagined as objects of beauty. While the French nature morte literally translated to English is “dead nature,” it’s meaning in English is “still life.” The idea for Nature Morte actually originated during one of the shoots we did with my friend Sharon and her family and friends. Both she and her husband had been given radiation for their cancers, and they had taken home the immobilization molds used to hold their bodies still in the exact positions required by the radiation treatment machines. The molds appeared as sculptural objects of beauty when we… Read more »